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Personal Protective Equipment

RTL is actively developing new products for this market, which demands the best level of protection in its relentless quest to pushing the boundaries when it comes to personal safety.

The company’s focus is to aid and assist customers in finding the right product to fulfil their technical requirements.

This includes products such as:

  • F/R treated Pes webbing for fire rescue and evacuation kits.
  • F/R inherent aramid and blended webbing for breathing apparatus systems.
  • Antistatic/ FR webbing for use in electrical environment.
  • Cotton/ FR blended webbing for helmet chinstraps.
  • Light weight high tensile Dyneema or Vectran webbing for SRL applications.
  • Polyamide harness webbing for extra abrasion resistance.

And many more…..

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Product namePPE
Product namePPE
Product namePPE